Thursday, March 29, 2012

Answered Prayer!

Does God really hear my prayer?  Or am I just speaking to the wind? Does He really care what happens to us or are we just left here alone? How can I be sure that He has answered my prayer?

Sometimes I have wondered some of these questions, and some of the other questions I have heard from others! Well in this blog, I am going to tackle these questions! I am going to go through one question at a time, so let us dive right in!

Does God really hear my prayer? ~ Yes! God does hear our prayers! Though sometimes it does not feel like it!  Sometimes I feel as if God does not hear my prayer, and I feel as if I am talking to the wall! But when I feel like that I know that I need to pray all the more! Or pray and ask God if there is anything blocking between Him and me! Even though sometimes it seems as if God does not hear our prayers! But do not doubt, He does hear!

Or am I just speaking to the wind? No! Sometimes we must plea with God, He wants to see if we are faithful! Or maybe there are times when you have asked Him a question and He has given you a clear answer, but then you don't like that answer, so you ask Him again, He sometimes will be quiet then also! But the Devil wants you to think that you are talking to the wind, to become discouraged! But do not give up, for Jesus does hear and answer our prayers!

Does He really care what happens to us or are we just left here alone? Yes God does care! And He does not leave us alone at anytime! He shows His love in many different ways, I am sure if you take a few minutes a day you will find out how much. Here is a personal story of me...

When I was about 12 or 13 years old, I can't remember, I was making a trip downstairs when I tripped on the strap of what I was carrying! I flipped and my hand reached out to grab the hand railings and I landed on the second step to the bottom! Now the thing that is incredible, that was too, but our old basement was not furnished and the bottom was concrete, and on both sides of the stairs were holes big enough that I could have fallen between them! And when I flipped my head did not hit the steps! My guardian angel sure was busy that day! There are many other stories that I could tell, but on to the next question. :)

This isn't the one I feel down, I just found this on the Internet! :)

How can I be sure that He has answered my prayer? Well, sometimes God does not answer our prayers the way we want Him or would like for Him to do! His ways are perfect and His timing is too! Sometimes He says wait awhile, sometimes He says No, and sometimes He says Yes! I have another story to share with you how God answered my prayer!

For as long as I can remember I wanted a flute. Well years, and years went by, and I really didn't think much about it! But last year I got the strongest impression that I wanted my flute! So I started praying about it, and I asked my parents to pray about it, and my mother even put it in her prayer book! But I didn't have any money! And my parents could not afford to buy me one either! So I prayed!

Well a part of my prayer was answered when my mother said that she could hire me to work for a business that she is running! So slowly I started to earn money! Months past by and finally the day came when I could buy my flute! I was super excited, I could hardly wait! When it finally arrived I prayed and dedicated my flute right then and there!

The Lord had really blessed my efforts at learning the flute, I have only had my flute 6 weeks and I can already play many, many songs! The Lord is good!

This isn't my flute, but looks a lot like it! :)

Yes, God does hear and answer our prayers! Sometimes it doesn't happen right away, but it will happen if it is the Lord's will, which why we should pray that it is the Lord's will! And if it is not the Lord's will to ask Him to take the desire away. It is not always easy when He says no or when He says wait awhile, but it is another way that the Lord teaches us patience!

When you feel discouraged, pray about, tell the Lord how you feel! And do not give up when He doesn't answer you right away, keep praying and claiming promises in the Bible! And the Lord is there even when we don't think so!

I have had many answered prayers and the Lord is always right on time! There are many miracle stories, I am sure you have your own stories! And don't forget after He has answered your prayers, to thank Him for it!

Why don't you pray today?  I am sure Jesus would love to hear from you!


  1. All comments are appreciated! All Praise and Honor goes to Jesus! :)

  2. Wonderful ! Prayer is powerful and it sure can change things! Prayer is the answer to every problem in life! It puts us in tune with divine wisdom which knows how to change everything!